Montreal in/accessible- Megafone

29th August 2013

Developed by Barcelona artist, Antoni Abad, the Megafone project is entering into its 10th year of existence. The Mobile Media Lab, more specifically the m.i.a. team have been involved in this project for just over one year. Megafone is an application built on the android platform that allows participants to publish images, text and sound […]

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29th August 2013

m.i.a is a collective of researchers, affiliated with the Mobile Media Lab who are developing projects that use digital media to intervene, creatively, in the abel-ist assumptions embedded in life both on and off line. Members of the m.i.a working group are engaged in forms interdisciplinary projects that contain practice-led and theoretical inquiries into the confluences of critical disability studies and mobility studies.

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Architectural Ableism

20th August 2013

Participants in “Megafone”  have scripted, shot and edited a series of video capsules that explore, in detail, the paradoxes and perils of navigating the city of Montreal. The video capsules are intentionally short so that they can circulate throughout the galaxy of cyberspace and contribute the voices and the insightful analysis of project participants.

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Everyday Taskscapes

4th February 2013

How does a body move when wearing a shoe or combing hair? Which bodily positions does climbing stairs require? This interactive video is an exploration of everyday life as it is experienced by people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – a chronic painful disease that affects joints and mobility. Mundane tasks, which are almost automatically performed […]

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