July demonstration


On July 25, 2014, a protest and performance at Place des Arts Metro station against transit discrimination took place, during the Just for Laughs Festival. Adequate measures are not being taken to render public transit in Montreal accessible said the members of Accessibilize Montreal, who have organized the event. The m.i.a. collective participated in the protest and performance.

In the spirit of the Just for Laughs comedy festival, spontaneous actions and candid-camera style interactions with the public took place, including an installation of a ‘fake elevator’. A campaign lobbying the provincial government for financial support for accessible transit was launched.

The purpose of the event was two-fold: to pressure the Québec government and transit authorities to take concrete steps towards an accessible system and to raise awareness of the inaccessibility of ‘public’ transit. The inaccessibility of public transit most dramatically and violently affects those with disabilities; it is also a public issue that is of import to all Montrealers.

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