Wheeling NY City, the blog

During October and November 2014, Laurence Parent will be blogging from New York City, where she will be conducting interviews with disabled New Yorkers and learning about what it means to wheel New York City.

Wheeling NYC Video Blog

13th September 2015

In October and November 2014, I blogged from New York City and conducted wheeling interviews with disabled New Yorkers. Our conversations in the city taught me more about what it means to wheel New York City. I made eight video blogs to share these experiences and also to document my research methods. Wheeling NYC Video Blog: […]

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Inaugural flight

29th November 2014

I am leaving New York in a few hours. I will be flying alone for the first time in my life. I will be braving an inaccessible plane and inaccessible bathrooms (here’s hoping that my flight will not be delayed and that my bladder will cooperate). Air travel is not exactly known for its accessibility […]

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Alejandra and Nick

28th November 2014
Alejandra at Broadway-Lafayette station

Last week, I met Alejandra Ospina and Nick Dupree at their apartment in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan. It was the second time I had visited them. Alejandra and Nick are partners and disability rights activists. Nick has complex care needs and is vent-dependant. After years of fighting to get 24/7 home care, Nick moved to New […]

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Last interview

26th November 2014

I was supposed to go to Long Island today to meet the last person I was going to interview before I go back to Montréal on Saturday. But… winter. The roads were slippery because of a mix of rain, freezing rain and melting snow, and the person I was supposed to interview cancelled. At the […]

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We are the danger

24th November 2014
Marie-Eve and Laurence side by side

My new friend Andrew and I decided to visit the MOMA today. The museum is busy but we still enjoy our visit. We find and create holes in the crowded galleries. Our wheelchairs are incredibly helpful in making up the space we need to move. The negotiation of space is happening without a hitch until […]

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Le grand écart

22nd November 2014
NYC meal gap

Au cours des 24 dernières heures, j’ai appris deux choses en me promenant à New York. En faisant la file à une caisse d’une épicerie de Brooklyn, j’ai appris qu’un-e new yorkais-e sur cinq a recours aux banques alimentaires pour se nourrir. Source: Food Bank for New York City En me promenant sur l’avenue Madison […]

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Who does winter belong to?

21st November 2014

One of the great things about spending fall in NYC, besides meeting amazing people and having the time to wheel around the city, has been the warm weather. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy every day that the weather was significantly warmer in NYC than in Montréal. NYC extended my summer […]

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20th November 2014
Subway car doors

The gap between the platform and the train is a different height every time I get on the subway at Bleecker Street station. Sometimes there is almost no gap at all and I get on the train smoothly. Sometimes the gap is high and I doubt I will be able to make it. I have […]

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My twins

16th November 2014

I am wheeling on Mulberry Street to go back to my apartment. It is another beautiful fall day in New York. There is a woman with a dog talking to another woman. As I pass by her, she asks me: “Where’s your dog?” “I don’t have a dog.” “Ah sorry, I thought you were that […]

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