Wheeling NY City, the blog

During October and November 2014, Laurence Parent will be blogging from New York City, where she will be conducting interviews with disabled New Yorkers and learning about what it means to wheel New York City.

Above ground with Park McArthur

12th November 2014

Park McArthur is an artist and disability justice activist. She lives in the East Village. I met her for an interview. In this interview excerpt, Park talks about the pleasure of navigating NYC’s sidewalks. To know more about Park’s artwork, visit the webpage of Ramps, her second solo exhibition at Essex Street *** Transcript: Laurence: […]

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Coconut with a hint of pity

5th November 2014

I am sitting at a table in Bryant Park. I just met with a guy from Long Island who did his Master’s degree in Critical Disability Studies at York University. He was there a year after me and we had never met in person before. We spent two hours in the park talking about York, […]

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Guide d’utilisation du métro de New York en 25 étapes faciles

3rd November 2014

En prévision de la visite de deux amis se déplaçant en fauteuil roulant motorisé, j’ai rédigé un guide d’utilisation du métro de New York qui comprend seulement 25 étapes faciles! Ce guide est basé mes expériences des dernières semaines en tant que personne utilisant un fauteuil roulant motorisé. 1- Étudiez la carte Le métro compte […]

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1st November 2014
Descente de trottoir à l'eau

Au début, chaque descente de trottoir est une surprise. De par son emplacement. De par son inclinaison. De par l’irrégularité de sa surface. De par sa géographie (un lac ou une plaine?). Puis parfois, la surprise c’est qu’il n’y a pas de descente de trottoir du tout. Mais avec le temps, les surprises ne sont […]

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Bridging Disability History

29th October 2014
Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn, is one of NYC’s landmarks. At the time of its opening, on May 24, 1883, it was the first steel-wire suspension bridge ever constructed. More than 131 years later, the bridge is still open to cars and pedestrians. Its designer, John Augustus Roebling, died shortly after the beginning […]

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MTA, do you even lift?

27th October 2014
Subway facelift ad

On the subway train to Brooklyn yesterday, an MTA ad caught my eye: “At age 80, who doesn’t need a facelift?” It went on, “The Smith-9th St station turned 80 this year. It was only fitting to make it look young again. Stop by to see the new or refurbished escalators, stairs, platform, lighting, PA […]

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It Happened Today

25th October 2014
Canal Street elevator out of service

I am meeting my friend Beth in front of the New York City Public Library at 1 pm. The MTA website gives me three options. One would take me 18 minutes, if it were accessible. The second one is also an 18-minute trip, and also not accessible. I’m left with option number 3, which is […]

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Queerer le handicap

23rd October 2014

Le 2 octobre dernier, je suis allée à l’événement Queering Disability qui avait lieu à la New York University. C’était ma première visite sur le campus. L’évènement consistait en une série de performances d’artistes s’identifiant comme queer et handicapés. Plusieurs organisations étudiantes étaient impliquées dans l’organisation dont le LGBTQ Student Center, le Moses Center for […]

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Planning an Interview

21st October 2014

October 21, 2014 As a researcher, I want do everything I can to accommodate the people who generously agree to give me a bit of their time to share some of their lived experiences with me. What this means is that I want to meet them where and when it is more convenient for them. […]

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