Wheeling NY City, the blog

During October and November 2014, Laurence Parent will be blogging from New York City, where she will be conducting interviews with disabled New Yorkers and learning about what it means to wheel New York City.

Wheeling with Shauna

6th October 2014
Laurene tries to see the 9/11 Memorial

I met Shauna Janssen this summer at Encuentro in Montréal. The working group I was in, Performing Disability, pointed out, quite loudly, that one of the spaces chosen by Encuentro was physically inaccessible. Shauna was one of the people responsible for the organization, and she showed a genuine interest in the work of the Performing […]

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Day 1 – Wireless Quest

30th September 2014

A lot can happen in three years. As I wheel my way to get my Metrocard, I come to a shocking conclusion. Even though so much has happened in my personal, academic and professional life within the past four years, the most radical change in my everyday life is my new dependence on my iPhone. […]

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Deux mois à New York

29th September 2014

Le 24 septembre dernier, j’ai soutenu mon projet de thèse. Cela signifie qu’il me reste juste de la recherche et une thèse à écrire. Juste ça. Cinq jours plus tard, je suis arrivée en train à Penn Station à New York. C’est ici que la nouvelle étape de mon doctorat commence. Je serai à New […]

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