Wheeling NY City

By Laurence Parent.

Wheeling interview with Jeanne L’Hermite

Jeanne L’Hermite is a PhD fellow at New York University. Jeanne is almost completely blind and uses a white cane to get around the city. I first met her in her neighbourhood, Queens, for a first interview. We decided to meet again for a wheeling interview. What would it be like for us to get from Manhattan to Forest Hills, Queens? Last week, we met at her low vision doctor in Manhattan. After shopping for a bain marie in a fancy French cuisine store, where we both managed not to break anything while moving through the narrow aisles, we made our way to the nearest accessible subway station. The subway station near the French cuisine store was not accessible. We then wheeled/walked on Lexington Avenue from 59th to 53th Street during rush hour to get to Lexington Ave/53 Street station.

Here are two short video clips of the first portion of our foray to Forest Hills. Jeanne talks about her experience in navigating streets she is not particularly familiar with, like this one. She says she always tries to keep a map in her head as much as possible.

To know more about Jeanne, visit her website.

Merci Jeanne pour ta générosité et ton intérêt pour mon projet. That was lots of fun!


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